72&Rising Volume 2, Issue 1 OUT NOW!


Volume 2, Issue 1 in our collectors set of 72&Rising is now available.  Inside the pages of this issue you will find beautiful imagery as well as fascinating articles.  Dr Richard Smith explains his research on Seahorse Sex and whilst you are sitting back reflecting on the beauty and majesty of the critters in his images, take a moment to really grasp the fact of how difficult it was to get the shot – some of these seahorses are just a few millimetres long!

Tom Reese, a multi Pulitzer nominee, is currently running a project on the Duwamish River in the USA.  For so many years the banks and the waterways themselves have been a dumping ground.  Now efforts are being made to clean up the river for the wildlife and inhabits this ecosystem and the human population that lives on its banks.

Lawrence Alex Wu debates what is the best camera for underwater photography: an SLR or a compact.  You may be surprised when you see his images….

There are a great many other articles and artists that share their work with you for this issue.  Of course we have our usual Fish Bites recipe from our sustainable chef, competitions and media reviews.

We hope you enjoy reading this issue and look forward to hearing your feedback, suggestions and don’t forget we have regular prizes for our readers letters!

Rowena – Editor.


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