Volume 3: Issue 2 Featured Artist


_ISA235172 (C)


IN THIS ISSUE: Volume 3, Issue 2

Our featured artist: Isabella Maffei

“Born in Varese, Italy, in 1973, where she still lives, Isabella has always loved to swim. She made her first dive with mask and snorkel when she was 16 years old.
A true passion for the ocean drove her to become a scuba instructor and eventually manage her own dive centre, Deep Avenue, in the Italian-speaking side of Mendrisio, Switzerland.
She began taking underwater photos of her scuba diving students in order to reward them with souvenirs of their new adventure. However, this initial business-minded approach soon developed into a true, deep and genuine passion for underwater photography.
“It’s a form of communication, a universal visual language which meets my ambition to express without words the amazing beauty of nature,” says Maffei. “As the sea has its own laws, so does photography, which includes theory and practice together. I had to study and dive to put into practice what I was dreaming in my soul. Sometimes I found myself disappointed but I never gave up, always thinking that I still had a lot to learn to develop my skills.”

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