Volume 3: Issue 2 Slovenia: The Land of a Thousand Waters

DSC_0141 (C)
IN THIS ISSUE: Volume 3: Issue 2
Camille Rustici visits Slovenia: The land of a thousand waters…

“Wedged between Austria in the North, Croatia in the South and Italy in the West, Slovenia, a tiny and discreet Central European country, contains a priceless treasure: green forests on 60% of the territory, some of the richest biodiversity in the world and 27,000 kilometres of emerald-green freshwaters. In the heart of Europe, Slovenia appears like a green gem, a piece of jewellery that one should visit with delicacy.

Slovenia is a little-known country of two million inhabitants. For years, it has been Venetian, Austro-Hungarian, Yugoslavian before gaining its independence in 1991.

The Republic of Slovenia is now a member of the European Union with one of the most dynamic economies of the continent. It is also the safest country in the world. But beyond all, its nature remains perfectly intact.”

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