Volume 3: Issue 2 Snippet Photoshop with a Message





IN THIS ISSUE: Volume 3: Issue 2

Photoshop with a message: Claudia Weber-Gebert

Ocean of tears

“Yes, it makes me cry when I see what is happening to our oceans and to those wonderful creatures living in the water. We have to stop pollution, overfishing, the slaughter of marine animals, the spilling of chemicals into the water, nuclear underwater tests and so on and so on… the list is nearly endless. Protection and preservation is urgent and necessary. If we carry on as we have been, it will soon be too late. Extinct species cannot be replaced – they are gone forever. And if mankind goes on like this without taking care of the environment, soon a lot of species will vanish – not only in the oceans, but on our entire planet. We have to take action before it’s too late.”

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