Volume 3: Issue 2


sad_moments_ROLAND_BACH (C)



IN THIS ISSUE: Volume 3: Issue 2

Images with a message by Roland Bach, Shane Gross and commented on by Rico Besserdich


Photo title: Sad Moments

Photographer: Roland Bach – Menorca, Spain

For more information: facebook.com/MareNostrumPhotography

About the photo:

This Bigscale scorpionfish (Scorpaena scrofa) ended its life trapped in a fisherman’s net in the waters off the Spanish island of Menorca. The net itself began in waters 22m deep and ended at a depth of 12m. The net was placed illegally; the area in which this shot was taken is a nature reserve with any form of fishing strictly prohibited. The person who placed the net was fined €4000 ($4980).

To read full article please head to http://www.72andrising.com to subscribe


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