An Interview With Gunther Deichmann


Reflection of a surfer Kuta Legian Beach, Bali Indonesia

Gunther Deichmann is a multi-awarded and highly published photographer. He has authored 12 books so far, is published in various magazines all around the globe and looks back on 35 years of being a professional photographer.

72&Rising’s photography editor Rico Besserdich met Gunther for a chat, talking about photography, life and the universe.

Rico: Hi Gunther. Thank you so much for your valuable time and let me say that it is a pleasure to meet you. Your photography is really inspiring and, in times where digital image manipulation became an issue, your work proofs that good photography is not dependant on technology alone. When starting with photography myself in 1978, my first camera was a medium-format, double-eyed “Weltaflex” (an east-european copy of the well known “Rolleiflex”). What was your first camera and how it came to you ?

Gunther: Hi Rico. Thanks for spending some time with me on my thoughts and philosophy on photography. I started my photography in the Australian outback while traveling for a large mining company in the exploration department spending many months at the time in very remote areas. I fell in love with the vastness, the colors and amazing landscapes and later developed a deep interest in the Australian aboriginal culture and tradition. Soon I bought myself a Minolta SRT -101 with a 50mm lens and from there it all started.

Read more here


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