Top 10 Instagrams of 2013 – Creation


Top 10 Instagrams of 2013: #8 Creation

By Rowena Mynott

As 2013 starts to wind down its a good time to reflect on the year that has just passed and the year that is to come. I have obviously been in a reflective mood recently as last month I decided to start a monthly ‘Taking Stock‘ routine: pausing life for a few moments to realise what you are happy and thankful for right in that very moment. Right now as I sit here and look through my images from 2013, I embrace the good and the sad, the ups and the downs and the growth that has taken place. This year has focused on family: Visits and holidays with family from overseas early in the year, my grans passing mid year and these days realising my son is no longer a toddler but is growing into the most incredible child I could ask for.

72&Rising is also growing and developing. I left the magazine format behind and embraced the world of blogging. Thank you to all those that embraced that change with me. It was a difficult decision to make as I loved the old product, but for me right now this is where we need to be. Who knows what the future holds but in 2014 you can certainly expect some exciting things happening here as this process of writing, taking pictures and posting on a regular basis becomes more fluid. I’m re-defining 72 and I look forward to hearing from you about what you would like me to focus on a little more.  There will be plenty of the old: travel and photography but also some new … Let me know.

So as a way to reflect on 2013 I decided to give you a little glimpse into my life and share some of our Top 10 family highlights as seen from my Instagram.  If you would like to follow along, I will be posting one each morning for the next 10 days. Today is Creation.


We create every day in this home. We create in song, we create with soil and seed, we create from random household items and we recycle as we create. I love watching Mr 3 create. He tells stories to his toys, his imagination becomes alive as he delves into it. He becomes one hundred percent absorbed in his story telling, most of which is just to himself or his toys. I could sit and watch him for hours.

Creation is so important, important for our kids and important for ourselves. I structure creation a little most of the time, but try to remember to give Mr 3 free imagination time too so that I am not influencing his creativity, because by him just  following my instructions defeats the purpose of encouraging him to create in the first place. Creation is often about the journey, not the product at the end.

Every child is an artist, the problem is staying as an artist when you grow up!

– Pablo Picasso

Image 7
Recycled toilet roll cars for Mr 3’s third birthday
Image 8
A garden of his very own to be responsible for
Image 15
Recycled cardboard box car
Image 20
Red racing car made from old food boxes
A teepee for his birthday and a recycled box car garage and heliport (getting a little more adventurous with our box creations now!)
Can’t go wrong with a pillow car and a willing grandma as a passenger

Have you created anything special lately? Do you recycle old things around the house and turn them into toys? Let me know in the comments below – you can even share some pictures with me if you have them. I’d love to see.


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