Weekly Photo Challenge: Light


Weekly Photo Challenge: Light

By Rowena Mynott

Photography is always something that I have been passionate about. I was seven when my Great Auntie first introduced me to it using a Box Brownie camera (which I still have). Since then I have amassed quite a collection of both cameras and images, but I have never dedicated as much time to it as I would like. When I came across the weekly photo challenges I decided to sign up and give it a go. I have tried daily photo challenges in the past – they started out great for a while but life got in the way as it inevitably does. I’m hoping a weekly challenge might be more achievable … lets see shall we?

The Challenge

Each week we are given a different theme and need to post an image that fits that theme. This week the image needs to be ‘Light’:

Take a look around you. Choose one of the light sources you see, and make it the focus of your challenge entry. It can be a dramatic chandelier or a pair of dying candles; the moon, a row of glaring lightbulbs in the parking lot, or a gaudy lava lamp stored in your attic: anything goes. The light doesn’t even have to be switched on: some lamps are just as fascinating for their shape as for the photons they emit.


I have had to dig through the archives for this one as time isn’t my friend this week. It was taken in the good old days of film so may be a little grainy as it’s a scan of the original image. In 2000 I travelled from England to Morocco with about 20 other people on a bus held together by sticky tape, string and a few prayers! I lost count of the times we broke down. It was an incredible trip, we drove through France, Spain and Portugal before finally arriving in Morocco. The guy who brought us all together had travelled throughout Africa extensively and could speak arabic which came in particularly handy. Chefchaouen was our first stop, beautiful blue and white streets, hammams and kazbahs. We climbed Mt Toubkal, rode through the high Atlas sitting on the roof of our bus, snake charmed in Marrakech, galloped horses down the beach in Essaouira and found fossils in Erfoud. There is a future post scheduled on this trip if you would like to hear more.

These lights are one of the classic symbols of Morocco. They evoke romantic images of white flowing clothing billowing around tanned bodies that alight upon richly embroidered floor cushions. Sumptuous food served on silver platters whilst moroccan music plays in the background … or is that just me and my long term love of Indiana Jones?


Stunning light in a kasbah, Morocco

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