Born with a passion for nature, travel and photography, Rowena Mynott has explored over 35 countries with a bucket list of countries yet to visit as long as her arm.  A background in marine sciences, marine education and photojournalism, she has a particular passion for water and spent several years as a naturalist with sharks and humpback whales.


Water covers 72% of our planet…and it’s rising. Water is essential to all aspects of our lives. We swim in it, we bathe in it, it sustains us. When it freezes we play on it, and we build vessels to sail through it. We travel far and wide to see the creatures that live beneath it and we fight hard to save the beauty that is within it. It is worth every ounce of energy that we expend in the hopes of protecting it.

Rowena Mynott


Rowena hopes to use 72&Rising to encourage responsible exploration of the globe, educate about water issues worldwide and inspire action to preserve Earths water ecosystems.


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