Wildlife & Environment


Our Wildlife & Environment section includes the following areas:

Gallery: Here you will find our featured artist as well as pick up some handy photography tips to try next time you are out and about.  For any enthusiastic photographers this is where you can also share your photos in our ‘Readers Photos‘ section.  You don’t have to be a professional photographer, all you need to send us is up to 3 images taken on, in or around water and we will publish them.  Don’t forget to include a short piece about what camera you used and a description of the scene (where you shot the photo and if there is any story linked to it).

Wildlife & Environment: Im sure many of you are interested in this publication because you have a love of nature. This segment is where you will find all things critter. ‘Creature Feature‘ focuses on one species in particular, encounters, observations and interactions. ‘Animal Lineup‘ will inform you of all the wonderful creatures that can be found during that issue in one specific place. ‘Animal Events‘ is rather the opposite and focuses on all the animal migrations and wonderful creature sights that can be seen around the world during that issue.

Destinations & Adventure: Travel and adventure are a perfect combination especially when it comes to all things water.  Here we focus on anything to do with this exciting combination such as dive trips, surf trips and visits to Antarctica.


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